Below you’ll find all the order forms available for download in
Phase 3 of our Annual Volume Purchasing process.

We’ll also email you the link to return to this page in case you want to access these forms again.

Important – Please note that the prices reflected on the non-perishable foods order form are the prices we received from our distributors as of May 1, 2022.  Unfortunately, our providers are unable to lock in these prices due to current market volatility and uncertainty of future transportation costs.  Prices are subject to change.  We will do our best to communicate any changes in sell prices between the issue of PO & delivery of items.

Phase 3 Order Forms:

Click Download the Phase 3 Order Form Informational Letter

Click Download the Non-Perishable Foods Order Form

Click Download the Industrial Technology/Lumber Order Form

Phase 3 Order Forms are Due Back at cmERDC on Friday, May 27th, 2022:

Completed order forms can be:

  • E-mailed to:
  • Faxed to: (320) 252-8569
  • Mailed to: cmERDC ♦ 570 First Street SE ♦ St. Cloud, MN 56304

We love to help!  If you have any questions, please contact:

Nancy at (320) 257-1920 or Bridget at (320) 202-0992 extension 2023