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Our team of “nerds” is the best in the business. Ranging from fresh-faced college kids, to gray beards who have seen it all, we’re able to take your idea and run with it.  Have a home-brew program that hasn’t kept up with your growth – We can take it to the next level and make it worthy of your district enterprise.  Need to make it work with new systems – our Software Innovation Team is all over that, too.

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Fed up with the state of the art?  You keep looking for a software solution to support your community?  Serve the needs of your students or staff?  Have an idea that would change the world?

cmERDC does custom development – design, programming or both – for the web or the back office.  If you have an idea for a new tool that people will love to use, we are there for you.  An idea for a new data management tool?  We have your back.  Something else, even better.

Partner with Us to Help Develop Your Amazing Idea

We’ve been taking ideas from the blue sky to hard-working production for over twenty years. We can help you develop your idea and make it fit the real-world needs of a school district. If our partnership flourishes, you can take advantage of our deep ties in the national educational community, integration with our popular products and keep your customers happy with our high quality support team.

We’re always looking for new business partnerships, too. Do you have a product that no longer fits your strategy but is doing a good job for its customers? Perhaps we can help with that, too. The Software Innovation Team is interested in talking over the possibility of bringing your solution into our portfolio, whether as part of your brand or of ours. Everything is on the table including our vast experience, well-respected name and the possibility of great success.

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When it comes to student information, having lots of experience matters!

For twenty years, the Integration Team has been connecting applications. Our SSI integration platform is in use supporting data mining, planning systems, e-learning and more. We have experience with many Student Information Systems and integration technologies and are ready to figure out more.  We do SIF, SOAP, HTTP request, DLL referencing and, if you need it, CSV files.

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