SIS Integration Services with Cloverleaf LMS

Your Learning Management System can be populated with data from your Student Information System.

Cloverleaf diagram

Introducing Cloverleaf LMS

Students, teachers, parents, course schedules, and enrollments are already in your student information system. Cloverleaf LMS is a data manipulation and transformation tool that will bridge the gap between your SIS and LMS to easily and quickly make your Moodle system ready for users.

Cloverleaf LMS works with many different SIS systems. It extracts data and transforms it into the correct format for Moodle, by creating:

  • Users and enrolling them with the appropriate roles,
  • Moodle courses based on designated templates and organized into categories,
  • A group in Moodle for each section of a course an instructor teaches, and
  • And assigning parents to students and enrolling them into the same courses with a special parent role to only view important information.

Cloverleaf LMS is a complete solution to the problem of initializing and maintaining Moodle. With flexible configuration and smart database update, it is a tool that finally makes Moodle usable for everyone, including the IT staff.

cloverleaf lms icon Cloverleaf LMS, the smart solution for SIS to Moodle integration.