Furniture and Equipment Contracts

Innovative Office Solutions, the servicing dealer for these cmERDC joint-powers furniture and equipment contracts, will work with you to learn your needs, and the needs of your students, and deliver the right furniture and design for your classrooms and beyond. In addition, the project will be completed within your budget using solutions that take advantage of the latest in collaboration, ergonomics and movement.

Featured Contracts & Vendors

Check out our Featured Contract and Furniture Project Videos below, along with our current list of contract manufacturers.

IOS Furniture Project

ClearTouch Interactive Displays

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Manufacturer (click logo to visit site)Manufacturer NamecmERDC Contract Number
Smith SystemsERDCSMIT.JP.MN.031424
Sico ERDCSICO.JP.MN.031424
Media TechnologiesERDCMEDI.JP.MN.031424
ERG InternationalERDCERGI.JP.MN.031424
Wisconsin BenchERDCWISC.JP.MN.063021
Elkay Interior SystemsERDCISII.JP.MN.063021
High Point Furniture Inc.ERDCHPFI.JP.MN.063021
Arcadia ContractERDCARCA.JP.MN.063021
Diversified WoodcraftsERDCDIVE.JP.MN.063021
Group LaCasseERDCGROU.JP.MN.063021
Fomcore, LLCERDCFOMC.JP.MN.022822
Interior Concepts, Inc.ERDCINTC.JP.MN.022822
Innovative Workplace ConsultingERDCWORK.JP.MN.043023
Claridge ProductsERDCCLAR.JP.MN.083122
Integra SeatingERDCINTE.JP.MN.083122
Community FurnitureERDCCOMM.JP.MN.083122
Fleetwod FurnitureERDCFLEE.JP.MN.083122
Paragon, Inc.ERDCPARA.JP.MN.083122
Tenjam AssociatesERDCTENJ.JP.MN.083122
Sixinch FurnitureERDCSIXI.JP.MN.083122
Gloab Furniture GroupERDCGLOB.JP.MN.043023
Mooreco Inc.ERDCMOOR.JP.MN.043023
Kodiak SeatingERDCKODI.JP.MN.043023
Hi-Line Flooring SystemsERDCHILI.JP.MN.043023
Clear Touch ERDCCLEA.JP.MN.043023
Mien CompanyERDCMIEN.JP.MN.031424
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