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What is Managed Print Services (MPS)? Yes, yet another acronym, and every copier and printer sales rep loves to say MPS but what is MPS?  Simply put, Managed Print Services (MPS) helps you gain visibility and control of your school district’s printer and copier fleet, making you more efficient where labor and uncontrolled costs are concerned. cmERDC offers powerful tools and expertise to help you manage and control your district, school and user printing.  We are excited to work with you to analyze your equipment, equipment placement and equipment volume to recommend a strategy using free Kyocera monitoring tools like Kyocera Net Viewer, Device Manager and Fleet Services. 

 In addition, cmERDC partners with ACDI to deliver PaperCut, further helping you reduce costs and improve efficiencies across your school district.

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Kyocera Remote Monitoring

PaperCut for Education

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