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SMART System Software

SMART Systems is a fully functioning finance and HR system for Minnesota public schools.  cmERDC, in conjunction with Regions I, II, IV, and V maintain, develop, and support SMART Systems for over 300 entities in Minnesota.

  • SMART Systems is designed specifically for MN public schools by MN public school personnel. which allows to understand and meet their needs.
  • User friendly system, so organizational staff can quickly implement the software
  • cmERDC staff understand that turnover happens, so we are able to step in and help when your business office when needed
  • Upgrades and backups are done by cmERDC technical staff when hosting is purchased

Below you will find a brief description of the three components of SMART Systems software.  If you’d like a detailed explanation of any of the components, simply click the corresponding link to download the PDF.

SMART Finance – is a fully featured, sophisticated financial accounting tool designed to meet your expectations for many years to come. PDF overview

SMART HR – designed to meet all of the unique HR and payroll needs of MN Public Schools. .PDF overview.

SMART eR – integrated with SMART HR and SMART Finance, SMART eR will provide your employees with essential payroll, HR, and finance information. PDF overview

“I was very impressed with the support and help given to me by CMERDC staff with recalculating salaries and benefits for the Becker Public Schools budget.  When I asked for the help, they were right on top of it and worked me through the process.  Their customer support is exceptional.”

Kevin Januszewski
Director of Business Services
Becker Public Schools

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Please contact us with any questions about SMART Systems software!

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Admin Services Manager
Phone: (320) 257-1921
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