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SMART System Support

Our support is what sets us apart.  The SMART support team at cmERDC has over 100 years of combined experience in school district finance and human resources.  That experience gives our customers peace-of-mind because we’re here to help!

Please contact us with any questions about SMART Systems software!

SMART Finance Support –
SMART Finance Help Desk – (320) 257-1941
SMART HR Support –
SMART Finance Help Desk – (320) 257-1940

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Tracey Fiereck
(320) 257-1924

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SMART Finance Team

Sue Anderson –

Judy Clare –

Mary Plante –

Nancy Ramler –

Solara An –

Jamie Smith –

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SMART HR Support Team

Christine Palmer –

Joe Crawford –

Michelle Hauber –

Kelsie Herzog –

Mary Plante –

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