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Comprehensive, flexible and customizable software to meet the unique challenges of managing student education plans.

In addition, Student Plans also features SIS integration options and interfaces to the Viewpoint® Data Warehouse and Ten Sigma’s TRAX solution provide one-click access to a powerful library of goals, objectives, assessment tools and more. 

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Because of federal and state regulations, Special Education plan management has become a very complicated process and with the increased focus on academic accountability, tracking a student’s progress has become vitally important. School districts and special education cooperatives that are looking for a reliable and flexible solution to meet the challenges of Special Education can find everything they need with Student Plans.

Save your time and money with Student Plans Electronic MA Billing (EMAB) Module:

  • PCA & Service Provider Time Logging with electronic signature
  • Electronic Batch MA Eligibility Checks
  • Electronic Batch MA Claims Submission
  • Time Studies
  • ICD-10 compliant with searchable code library
  • Settle Up and Audit Reports
  • Billing Manager Dashboard
  • SIS Integration
  • And more…

Here are just some of the plans our member districts and cooperatives have chosen to create and implement with our configurable Learning Plans solution.

  • PLP (Personal Learning Plan)
  • RTI (Response to Intervention)
  • CLP (Continuous Learning Plan)
  • ILP (Individual Learning Plan)
  • ELP (English Learner Plan)
  • SSP (Student Success Plan)
  • AIP (Academic Improvement Plan)
  • BIP (Behavioral Improvement Plan)

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Keeps all records in one secure location, readily available for use by appropriate staff.  Click here to learn more about this module and the 5 important things you need to know about 504 plans.   

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A central repository of emergency and health plans is always available to authorized staff for urgent response to student’s medical needs. Here are a few of the things you can do with this module:

  • Create and manage Individual Health Plans!
  • Create and manage Emergency Care Plans!

Supports the electronic Nursing Library from Sunrise River Press

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Tracking requests for special transportation of students is a breeze with Student Plans.  Electronic Transportation Requests optimizes the communication between your special education case managers, 504 plan coordinators and health professionals with your transportation department.  Special verification procedures allow these coordinators to verify all special transportation needs for the start of summer school or the regular school year with a minimum of effort.

A proven solution.  What Sets Us Apart from Other Software Solutions?

  • Universal, authorized case list access throughout a district or cooperative
  • Never miss a detail: Completeness checks improve compliance
  • Write clear, consistent goals by using a comprehensive goal and objective library
  • Customize your forms
  • Email documents and meeting notices
  • Access multi-year document history
  • Let Student Plans calculate service hours for MARSS reporting
  • Easy interface to most student information systems
  • Student Plans supports the Sunrise River Press Nursing Library
  • Seamless integration with the TRAX Transition System from Ten Sigma
  • Links to the Viewpoint® data warehouse solution from cmERDC

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