Triarco Arts & Crafts

Triarco® Arts & Crafts, LLC began its proud history as an arts and crafts supplier in the greater Twin Cities area in 1946. The Triarco® Arts & Crafts mail order catalog was developed to assist art educators around the world in obtaining product for their classrooms. Triarco has been expanding its offering of professional art supplies tailored to higher education & professional art markets.

Triarco® offers nearly 18,000 products and serves customers around the world. Triarco® Arts & Crafts primary objective is to offer all of its customers the best customer service on the planet! They are committed to meeting customer needs for quality, delivery, and service.

  • 25% discount off of the individual current price from the Triarco Arts & Crafts Catalog and Triarco website.
  • No Minimum Order
  • Free shipping. Some restrictions apply as noted on the website.  Items designated with “truck” symbol are not eligible
  • Easy Online ordering
  • Reference Discount Code 43444 when ordering online, calling or faxing to receive 25% discount and free shipping
    • Note Discount Code has changed.  Previously Z4994.  Please use 43444 to take advantage of savings

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