Supporting Education

through collaborative relationships



SMART Services is a State approved financial services solution which will assist school districts in meeting all mandatory reporting requirements.



The Viewpoint Team provides the ideal whole-child software solution for PK-12 educators. Our Viewpoint Student Data Warehouse offers tools for customized reports, monitoring student growth, data visualization, and creating placement reports.


We connect via IonWave technologies with numerous suppliers and annually rebid then award contracts in accordance with State Bid Law – saving school districts time, effort and dollars.

Copiers &

With over 30 years partnering with education, no one understands the needs of education more than cmERDC. We strive to exceed the document imaging needs of every district we serve.

Technical &
Hosting Support

Our Technical Team has worked with hundreds of schools supporting their technology goals. We answer inquiries, improve systems and do our best to satisfy customers


SMART Services


The SMART Services Team provides accounting, payroll, and benefit support to build and maintain the complicated public finance knowledge base in all the K-12 School Districts, Special Education Coops, Service Coops, and Charter Schools that we support.

SMART Services provides an Employee Self Service (SMARTeR) module, giving employees access to their paychecks, online purchase orders and more. It houses Time-Tracker, SMART Services new time keeping module. Time-Tracker allows all hourly employees to clock in and out in SMARTeR. The process is now a seamless integration into the payroll side of the SMART software.



Promoting Student Success

With the Viewpoint Data Warehouse, you can easily analyze data for monitoring student growth, instructional planning, program effectiveness and more.

Whether administrators need a big picture view for accountability, or a specialist is determining placement for intervention, we can help. With a focus on client support we help educators meet their goals.


Cooperative Purchasing

Products and Services

cmERDC combines the purchasing needs of over 100 School Districts, including public, private and charter schools for a once a year volume purchasing opportunity.

This process enables cmERDC to purchase and leverage large volume discounts on more than 1,500 unique items. These products are bulk shipped into cmERDC’s distribution center, where individual school orders are consolidated and redistributed over the summer months.

Commodities Include:

  • Multi-Purpose Copier and Printer Papers
  • Classroom Papers
  • Office and Classroom Supplies
  • Art Supplies
  • Audio Visual Products
  • Custodial Supplies
  • Industrial Arts Supplies
  • Non-Perishable Foods
  • Kitchen Supplies

Copiers & Printers

Public and private education is more than just an industry that we serve.  It is the only industry we serve! No one better understands the rigorous high volume needs of schools and the positive impact of machine “uptime” on classroom instruction. We always have and always will offer free unlimited training, equipment movement, no questions asked parts replacement and no hidden fees.
  • Services Contracts
  • Facilities Supplies and Equipment Contracts
  • Kyocera Copiers and Printers
  • PaperCut Managed
  • Print Solutions
  • Managed Print
  • Document Management

Technical & Hosting Support



With high-speed fiber optic connection, centralized UPS, backup generator, off-site backup replication, and sophisticated VMware servers we ensure optimal performance, uptime, security, and ease of access.

  • SMART Hosting Services
  • SaaS Offerings
  • Large capacity Data Centers
  • Improve Network Performance
  • Technical Consultations
  • Backup Solutions
  • Data Security and Redundancy
  • ... and more

Core Values


  • Respectful Communication: 
    • We uphold a culture of respect, recognizing that every individual's voice is valuable, and we communicate with courtesy and consideration for others.
      • Clarity and Precision: 
        • We ensure information is conveyed accurately and comprehensively.
          • Timely and Responsive Communication: 
            • We prioritize timely and responsive communication to address inquiries, provide updates, and ensure that information is shared in a timely manner.
          • Continuous Improvement: 
            • We commit to continuously improving our communication practices, learning from experiences, and incorporating feedback to enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of our communication.

          Customer Support

          • Professionalism: 
            • We believe customer support is characterized by professionalism, courtesy, and a commitment to maintaining a positive and helpful demeanor in all interactions.
              • Customer-Centric Approach: 
                • We prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers, consistently striving to exceed their expectations through a customer-centric mindset.
                  • Problem-Solving Orientation: 
                    • We approach challenges with a problem-solving orientation, working collaboratively to find effective solutions and deliver resolutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.
                  • Timeliness: 
                    • We value the importance of timely responses and solutions, understanding that promptness is key to customer satisfaction and building a positive customer relationship.


                  • Trust and Integrity: 
                    • We build and maintain business relationships based on trust and integrity, conducting ourselves with honesty, reliability, and ethical standards.
                      • Long-Term Orientation: 
                        • We envision long-term perspectives in our business relationships, aiming for sustainable and enduring partnerships that create value for all involved over time.
                          • Win-Win Approach: 
                            • We seek win-win outcomes in our business relationships, where all parties benefit and contribute to the overall success and growth of the partnership.
                          • Adaptability and Flexibility: 
                            • We embrace diversity and inclusion in our business relationships, recognizing the richness that diverse perspectives bring and promoting an inclusive environment for all parties involved.


                          • Commitment to Excellence: 
                            • We are dedicated to delivering services of the highest quality, driven by a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations.
                              • Customer Satisfaction: 
                                • We ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers, consistently exceeding their expectations through superior support delivery.
                                  • Training and Development: 
                                    • We invest in the training and development of our team members and our clients, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide services at the pinnacle of excellence.
                                  • Measurable Performance Standards: 
                                    • We establish measurable performance standards to gauge our success in achieving excellence, using data and feedback to drive continuous enhancement in service quality.


                                  • Pioneering Innovation:
                                    •  We commit to ethical and secure, co-created innovation in our products, continuously seeking groundbreaking ideas and solutions.
                                      • Quality and Reliability: 
                                        • We ensure that our innovative products are cutting-edge, dependable, trustworthy and sustainable.
                                          • Agile Development: 
                                            • We embrace agile development methodologies to facilitate quick adaptation to changing market dynamics, enabling us to stay ahead in the fast-paced landscape of technological advancements.
                                          • Collaborative Innovation: 
                                            • We foster partnerships both internal and external, by leveraging diverse perspectives to fuel creativity bringing a wealth of collaborative ideas to our product development process.

                                          Here is a story or testimonial

                                          “cmERDC has partnered with Minnesota educational organizations for more than 60 years and we understand their unique needs.”
                                          “In addition to serving Minnesota, we strive to positively impact educational organizations across the country.”
                                          “Most of our local suppliers also operate nationally.”